Christian, Bible-Based Teaching by Pastor John E. Dubler

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It is our desire to see this information used for the benefit of the Body of Christ.  Permission is given to reproduce in part or in total any of the commentaries and teachings for legitimate purposes as long as the material is not misrepresented or taken out of context.  Please give credit to the author and include “From” if you will.  We always enjoy receiving a short note telling us how the material has been used, and welcome any comments you may have.  Contact us here.

Respecting The Older Generation.  Both the fear of ageing and its denigration are addressed in this message.  Old age is a blessing bestowed by God, an achievement to be both appreciated and honored.

Does God Hear Me When I Pray?  I don’t think God hears me when I pray.  What’s wrong?

Psalm 46.  God is present with us in times of trouble.  The ministering presence of the Lord during trials is indispensable to our endurance.

God’s Order for Husbands. Husbands and fathers have three fundamental responsibilities:   to lead, to provide and to protect.

Why Pornography is so destructive.  Do you know the five major destructive outcomes of pornography?  Find out what specific steps you should be taking right now.

Three Marriage Bugs and How to Fix Them. [Checking for termites] Termites are small but determined.  Most of the time they do lethal damage before they are detected by homeowners.  This teaching focuses on three bugs: The termites of presumption, foolishness and ignorance.

Five Benefits of Receiving Prophecy in the Local Church.  The five primary benefits of receiving prophecy in the church.

The Benefit of a Simple and Peaceful Life from Psalm 131.  In the process of leading a busy life we can lose track of the Lord and what the Holy Spirit is speaking to us.  Psalm 131 deals with the pride of overcommitment.

Avoiding Burnout--A Scriptural Lesson from Jethro’s Counsel to Moses.  You will surely wear out . . . both yourself and these people.

You Have Need of Endurance.  Did you know that suffering and trials are what bring about endurance?

Good Trees Need Good Roots to Produce Good Fruit. Our spiritual trees can have any or all of these three root problems: Bitterness, Temporal Values, Moral Impurity.

I Will Set No Worthless Thing Before My Eyes. Psalm 101 provides guidance for what we should watch. Walking in the light means not walking in darkness

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